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Backpack G3

Backpack G3

Price: €150.00
TREKKER Gait Trainer

TREKKER Gait Trainer

Price: €510.00

Oxygen Concentrator Machines


There are a great number of illnesses and diseases that cause people to struggle to absorb sufficient oxygen when they breathe in.  Special Needs Equipment provides a range of tools and equipment for oxygen therapy.  All of the devices are designed to help patients receive the right amount of oxygen when they breathe.
The therapy includes using a specifically designed machine as well as accessories to transfer the oxygen into the lungs of the patient.  Special Needs
Equipment stocks:
Krober 02 
Krober Aeroplus 5
Krober 4.0
Aeroplus M
All the necessary accessories such as filters and masks for oxygen therapy
Through oxygen therapy, patients are able to lead a more active lifestyle because they are able to breathe appropriately, rather than starving their blood, body and brain of essential air.  Each of the machines contains a cylinder with oxygen, which comes out through a tube.  This is then delivered to the user through nasal cannulas, a facemask or a tube inserted straight into the windpipe.  Special Needs equipment stocks all of these breathing tools.
Oxygen therapy is provided at home, but also in hospitals and rehabilitation centres.  Those who have a chronic breathing condition in particular generally have Krober machines or other brands at home.  All the devices are easy to use and come with a range of safety features so that they can be moved with the user and don’t fall over or cause other risks of injury or accidents.
If you require oxygen therapy for yourself or someone you care for, please contact Special Needs Equipment.  We can be reached either online through our website or over the telephone.  A representative from our company will be very happy to discuss your exact needs and requirements and determine which machine in particular is best suited to your needs.  


Portable Oxygen Concentrator INOGEN One G3

Oxygen Concentrator Kröber Aeroplus 5

Oxygen Concentrator Kröber O2

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Price: €3,570.00
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Price: €997.00
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Price: €1,100.00

Oxygen Concentrator Kröber 4.0

Factory Refurbished Oxygen Concentrator Kröber O2

Oxygen concentrator Topair 2

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Price: €1,230.00
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Price: €662.00
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Price: €2,999.00

Finger Pulse Oximeter

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Price: €62.00
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